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Adviser: Tim Hickey

Fall 2005

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (w/ lab) B
Intermediate Calculus B+
Intermediate Spanish Conversation A
Current Ethical Debates A

Spring 2006

Algorithms (w/ lab) A+
Intro to Economics A
Islamic Art and Architecture B
Writing Seminar A

Fall 2006

Discrete Math A
Internet and Society A
Intro to AI A
The Global Economy A

Spring 2007

Accounting A
Functions of a Capitalist Enterprise B+
Theory of Computation A
Operating Systems A

Fall 2007

Independent Study A
Independent Study A
Computer Graphics A
Intro to Ethics A
Democracy and Disobedience A

Spring 2008

Entrepreneurship and Innovation A+
Independent Study A
Intro to Stats A+
Distributed Computing A+

Fall 2008

Social Relations in Cyberspace A+ A
Data Compression A+
Independent Study A+

Cumulative GPA:



Adviser: Neil Heffernan

Spring 2009

Machine Learning A
Foundations of Computer Science A
Research Methods in Computer Science A

Summer 2009

Networks A

Fall 2009

Independent Study A
Bayesian Networks A
Algorithms A

Spring 2010

Thesis Credits A
User Modeling A
Intro to Software Engineering A

Fall 2010

Thesis Credits A

Spring 2011

Thesis Credits A

Cumulative GPA:


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