As the title of the site states, my name is Zachary (Zach) Broderick and I am a software engineer living and working in the Boston area. I finished grad school not too long ago and am in the stage of my life where I’m beginning my career. Exciting times!

I was born and raise outside Manchester, NH. I began programming when I was 12 out of a desire to design and develop video games, beginning with QBASIC and then experimenting with C and 3D graphics in high school. I attended Brandeis University for my BS in Computer Science, interning during the summer at Tybrin Corporation. Right after graduating I enrolled in Worcester Polytechnic Institute for my MS in Computer Science, working on the ASSISTments project and performing research in the field of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. I was funded under the NSF’s GK-12 (PIMSE) fellowship and worked with middle school teachers and students using the ASSISTments system.

After grad school I accepted a job with Microsoft Cambridge as an SDET on the App-V Sustained Engineering team. During that time I discovered that the SDET role was not a good fit for me, and after working with management to explore transfer options I ultimately decided to leave the company on good terms.

Since then I’ve been working at startups and enjoying it immensely. After leaving Microsoft I joined Shareaholic, a social media tools company where I developed a big data infrastructure that supported several different products. After about a year and a half I moved on to The Tap Lab, a mobile gaming shop where I still currently work developing and maintaining the backend infrastructure that the games run on.

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